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Personal finance expert Dave Ramsey says it does not take a finance degree to take control of your finances, that is why Jeremiah Pizana loves his 7 Baby Steps. It’s practical and logical. Jeremiah recommends those same steps to his clients because he believes in them so much.

a SmartVestor Pro

As a SmartVestor Pro, Jeremiah is a financial planner that is not only a fiduciary (do what is your best interest at all times), but adheres to the following:

  • A Code of Conduct

  • Have a client-first mentality

  • Have no account or income minimums

  • Focuses on investing and financial planning with a long-term perspective as an ideal way to build wealth

dave ramsey, smartvestor

Please Share Where You Are With Your Baby Step


We know completing each step is a victory, please allow us to share your victories with you and express our encouragement.

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