Financial Adviser

Growing up Jeremiah realized that terminology and financial concepts become barriers when trying to understand how to get your financial life in order.   He would hear a variety of conflicting strategies which makes it difficult for a basic person to understand which direction they should go.  Jeremiah wants to make it easier for you to understand financial topics and strategies.  His goal is to diminish the financial jargon used in the industry.


diminishing the Jargon podcast


DTJ ep22 Considering A Different Approach to Rebalancing: You might have been told that you advisor rebalance your portfolio monthly, or Quarterly, semi-annually or even annually. When they do rebalance, they focus on what is the percentage between stocks and bonds that you need to be at based on your risk profile.

DTJ ep21 Can Having Emotions Drop Your IQ: When we get emotional, meaning happy, sad, angry, stressed etc, does that affect our ability to make the best decision? How does having emotions affect our IQ's? Well we will help you understand how that will affect your financial decision.

DTJ ep20 Why Saving Is A Struggle: Have you ever tried to save but couldn't? There might be a better way to approach saving so you can begin making progress with meeting your goals. Listen to learn more.

Ep19: Listen as Jeremiah explains why he decided to offer financial planning.

Ep18 Employee Benefits -Health Insurance: Have you left your old employer an wondered what happens to your health insurance from that employer? We help answer that question.

Ep17 Employee Benefits -Group Life / DI: Have you left your old employer and wonder what happens to your group life insurance and disability insurance. We help answer the question of what happens to that insurance.

Ep16 Employee Benefits -Old 401k: You have left your old employer and now wonder what happens to your old 401k. We help answer that question.

Ep15 Fiduciary: Do you wonder what fiduciary means and why you should care. We help explain what it means and why you should consider having an advisor that is fiduciary.

Ep14 Health Savings Account: Have you wondered if you should signup for the Health Savings Account from your employer? Listen to see if it might make sense to you.

Ep13 Passive vs Active: Not sure if you should go with an active or passive manager? Listen as we give insight to both strategies.

Ep10 Company Ownership: Have you watched Shark Tank and wondered what it means to own 30% or 40% of a company? My 11 year old daughter did. Here is how I explained it.

Ep11 Bull & Bear Markets: Learn why a bull and bear markets could be a good thing.

EP12 Inflation: What is inflation? Learn how it is important.

Net Worth: Have you been confused what it means to have a net worth?

Mutual Fund: Does the term mutual fund seem confusing? Learn a different way to look at them.

Financial Blind Spots: As life happens and decisions are made, there are impacts we don't think about. We have financial blind spots.

Financial Planning: Understanding the phrase financial planning?

IRA's: Learn what are IRA's and how to view them.

Capitalization: Learn how the difference between small cap and large cap

Volatility: Learn how to view volatility

Risk Tolerance: Have you been asked what is your risk tolerance and wasn't sure what to think

Financial Blind Spots: As life happens and decisions are made, there are impacts we don't think about. Learn what about your blind spots.