Financial Planning for Medical Professionals

You took the medical Hippocratic Oath - Do No Harm.  At LibertyCrown Financial we operate as fiduciaries - Do What Is In Your Best Interest At All Times.

Whether you are a Resident / Fellow, first year attending physician, mid-career practitioner or a retiree....  we have helped professionals like yourself for over 40 years.

Here Is Some Of What We Provide:

  • Strategies that help reduce taxes

  • Efficiencies on reducing debt

  • Strategies on maximizing your retirement that you life off of

  • Income shielding approaches

  • Reviewing employer-benefits for efficiencies

  • Major purchase assessments (e.g. home purchase, vehicles, investment properties)

  • Create a financial lifestyle that you can enjoy now & in your golden years

  • Create a legacy to pass on to your loved ones



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