Tax Management Techniques



Our sensitivity to taxes is intertwined with our investment advice; it is the essence of our “integrated” wealth management approach. As wealth advisers, we realize it is not what you make that matters most but what you keep. In line with this philosophy, our investment portfolios are deliberately structured to minimize taxes. Passively managed index funds are, by definition, tax efficient because of their low asset turnover. Other simple strategies, can save tax dollars every year.

We routinely and consistently strive to reduce our clients’ taxes through tax-smart portfolio management techniques like:

  • Avoiding short-term capital gains
  • Recognizing capital losses when appropriate
  •  Shifting income to children
  •  Evaluation of the overall tax impact on investment decisions and complex investment opportunities
  •  Proper planning for making investments through family partnerships, trusts and individual ownership
  •  Review of charitable gifts to maximize potential tax benefits
  •  Examination of the tax implications of your estate plan



Neither Royal Alliance Associates Inc., nor its registered representatives, offer tax or legal advice.